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Perl essays

Perl essays Living in an age of technology, the world is constantly coming up with new ways to make our lives easier (or sometimes more complex depending on how you look at it). Now with the help of the open source community, programming languages are blossoming from a small idea of a lonely programmer. Perl, a specialized language invented by Larry Wall, is a language that flourished in the hands of open source contributors. While working for the National Security Agency on a project known as Blacker Larry Wall created Perl. He was trying to produce some reports from a Usenet-news-like hierarchy of files for a bug-reporting system and the language he was using, awk, ran out of steam. He explained Perls beginnings as follows: The Beginnings of Perl were directly inspired by running into a problem I couldnt solve with the tools I had. Or rather, that I couldnt easily solve. As the Apostle Paul so succinctly put it, All things are possible, but not all things are expedient. I could have solved my problem with awk and shell eventually, but I possess a fortuitous surplus of the three chief virtues of a programmer: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. I was too lazy to do it in awk because it would have been hard to get awk to jump through the hoops I was wanting it to jump through. I was too impatient to wait for awk to finish because it was so slow. And finally, I had the hubris to think I could do better. (Knapen 1) Although the Blacker project has long since died, Perl continues to grow and change in many ways. Larry Wall, the son of a pastor, majored in Natural and Artificial languages and attended graduate school in linguistics. This focus on languages and their structures helped Wall understand the needs of a text crunching programming language. Perl itself was created and continues evolving by combining features from C, sh, csh, grep, sed, awk, Fortran, COBOL, PL/...

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Marketing planning Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing planning - Case Study Example lems related to layering of different materials over each other, and use of undesired objects within prototypes(Amon et al., 1993).Sintering was applied to minimize energy demands, gluing and blazing were used in the start to fill the void spaces (Amon et al., 1993). Moreover, ceramic powder was used for modeling a prototype, however, there were some pores present in the final product therefore, use of submicron particles of ceramics were referred to provide full density (Yoo et al., 1993). In the last thirty years or so, 3D printing has achieved several milestones; among them are prosthetics engineering, building engines, and even complete cars. The current trends in the sales of 3D printers are not as encouraging as they were expected a few years back, the main reason being their prices and system requirements. However, the way 3D printer producing companies have optimized their manufacturing capacities and drop down the cast; it seems that targets that were forecasted may soon be achieved. Some of the issues that have caused the limited of 3D printers’ sales apart from high prices are complex programming and designing, non-user friendly soft wares, and limited range of manufacturing materials, and slow processing. To overcome these obstacles, companies like 3D Systems, Voxeljet, ExOne and Stratasys will have to lead from the front. Investors should consider investing into these companies by buying their shares. Moreover, these companies should work for in dev eloping user friendly product interface. New models should be established and presented into markets at low rates for the promotion of products. More money should be spent in research towards discovering new materials, and designing faster and better printers. The minimum price of a 3D printer is around $ 1350, so by analyzing the cost of these machines, one can understand well that why these machines are not very common among consumers, Moreover, due to the lack of technical understanding about its

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Central bank independence and economic performance Assignment

Central bank independence and economic performance - Assignment Example For instance under the floating exchange rate regime, protecting the value of the domestic currency against US Dollar and other international currencies calls for vigilance and continuous monitoring of the world economy through various economic indices. Regulating money supply and interest rates are governed by several domestic and international factors as well. Therefore, independence of the central bank is necessary to deal with these problems effectively without any interference in the regulatory process. However, the level of independence varies from country to country based on the political and economic system prevailing in the countries. Long ago in 1929 Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England wrote: â€Å"I look upon the Bank as having the unique right to offer advice and to press such advice even to the point of nagging: but always, of course, subject to the supreme authority of the government† (Toniolo, G. 1988 p. 47). This statement underlines the need for in dependence as well as its limitation. The role of central bank Central bank’s monetary policies have different impact on different economic variables of the economy. Increase in money supply with or without decrease in interest rates could trigger inflation in the economy. Therefore, careful analysis of the economic indicators is important in taking appropriate action by the central bank. For instance, inflation in this case could affect consumption thereby demand for the products. At the same time, this could increase capital investment and results in employment generation. Stability in exchange rate is another important factor which could affect inflation in the country and foreign direct investments in the country which will have...This paper offers a comprehensive analysis of the role of central bank in terms of economic performance of the nation. Influence of the political independence of central bank operations in context of achieving its objectives is under review. In order to achieve economic growth in a country, formation of capital is essential for fresh investments in the economy. Increase in aggregate demand in the country is an important factor in this regard for attracting investment of capital in new projects. Liquidity in the system as well as interest rates should be monitored and regulated on a continuous basis by the central bank to provide good environment for capital investment and consumption which in turn will generate demand for the products. However, the central bank should also ensure that it does not result in overheating of the economy. Regulating interests and money supply in the economic system is very complicated in the backdrop of technological developments taking place in the world and globalisation of economies. The independence of the central bank of the county is very important for exercising control over the commercial banks in the country through its monetary policies. The monetary policies need to be complementary to the fiscal policies of the government to achieve its economic objectives. A country with high central bank interference need to introduce reforms to make the institution more independent within the timeframe set for this purpose to improve stability in liquidity and prices.

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Limiting Reagents Lab Essay Example for Free

Limiting Reagents Lab Essay Problem: What mass of precipitate will form when 1.69g of CuCl2.2H20 reacts with 1.31g of aluminium? Aspect 3: Materials: 150 mL beaker Erlenmeyer Flask 100ml Graduated Cylinder Funnel; Scoopula Electronic Balance Stir Rod Aluminum Foil CuCl2.2H20 Distilled Water Procedure: Day 1 Rinse beakerwith distilled water. Mass 1.69g of CuCl2.2H2O. Add to beaker and add 50mL of distilled water. Mass aluminum. Fold in 1/2 coil loosely. Place in beaker and let sit overnight. Day 2 Pull out Aluminum and rinse into beaker Mass filter paper, put name on it Put paper in funnel and funnel into the Erlenmeyer flas. Pour in mixture. Rinse beaker three times. Rinse funnel and paper twice. Remove Paper and let dry overnight. Day 3 Mass filter paper Data Collection and Processing (DCP) Aspect 1: Recording Raw Data: Mass of CuCl2.2H2O 1.93g Mass of Al ? (The massing of the aluminum was forgotten) Experimental mass of precipitate = .69g Aspect 2: Processing Data 2Al(s) + 3CuCl2.2H2O 3Cu(s) + 6H2O(l) + 2AlCl3(aq) m Al=1.93g M Al= 26.98 g/mol m 3CuCl2.2H2o = 1.69 g M 3CuCl2.2H2o = 152.47 g/mol (Chem 20 Data Booklet) m Cu = ? n CuCl2.2H2O = 1.93g / 170.49 g/mol n CuCl2.2H2O = .011320312 mol 3 mol CuCl2.2H2O = 3 mols Cu n Cu = .011320312 mol m Cu = .011320312 mol x 63.55 g/mol m Cu = .719g % yield = .69 / .719 = 96% Aspect 3: Experimental mass of Cu(s) precipitate = .69g Theoretical mass of Cu (s) precipitate = .719g % yield = 96% Conclusion and Evaluation (CE) Aspect 1: Conclusion: The mass of precipitate that forms when 1.93g of CuCl2.2H20 reacts with 1.31g of aluminum is .69 g. The % yield was 96%. The massing of aluminum was forgotten but when another piece was massed and the numbers were worked out, it was shown that there was an excess of aluminum and that the CuCl2.2H2O was the limiting reagent. Aspect 2: Evaluate: There were .029g of Cu precipitate less than expected. It is likely that some of the copper went into the Erlenmeyer or was stuck on the funnel. Despite thorough rinsing of the filter paper, some of the precipitate got through the filter paper and into the Erlenmeyer. Aspect 3 Improving Experimental Design: Instead of one piece of filter paper, two pieces should be used. This would lead to less precipitate going into the Erlenmeyer. Also, the water in the Erlenmeyer could be re-filtered.

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How does J.D Salinger use the character of Holden Caulfield to explore :: English Literature

How does J.D Salinger use the character of Holden Caulfield to explore the issues related to growing up? ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ was written in the late 1940’s and first published in a magazine in 1947. The novel is like a bildungsroman but only consists of two and a half days in the life of a 17 year old boy called Holden Caulfield, although he argues that the book is not about his â€Å"lousy childhood†. Holden seems to be very conscious of this and doesn’t want it to be â€Å"all that David Copperfield kind of crap†. Nevertheless the book is an insight into a young man’s mind. Salinger creates Holden Caulfield’s idiolect with all the colloquialisms and swearing, which resulted in the book being banned in many states of America. Holden is very open and does not refrain from sharing some of his views on society and the war. At the time of publishing, America was experiencing very rich, prosperous, affluent years. Hollywood was the worlds best film industry and something America was very proud of and enjoyed, â€Å"Everybody was on their way to the movies† but Holden â€Å"couldn’t stand looking at them†, this was a big dig at American society and became very controversial. Holden doesn’t hold back his political views either, â€Å"I’m sort of glad they’ve got the atomic bomb invented. If there’s another war, I’m going to sit right the hell on top of it†. Due to the contextual time of post WW2 this was deeply shocking and disturbed many people, the atomic bomb had killed millions of innocent people and thousands had relatives lost in the war. At this time America was very anti-communism but Holden hints anti-capitalist views, â€Å"Goddamn money. It always ends up making you feel blue as hell†, and he often wears a â€Å"red hunting hat† which could have easily symbolized a communist. This was also a contributing factor to the shock this gave American society. However these are just the views of a teenager and all is part of J.D Salinger exploring the confused, rebellious thoughts of someone growing up. Salinger explores the issues of growing up in many different ways. Most of them contradict themselves at some point as well, portraying the confusion and unsettled mind of an adolescence. One of these main issues is Holden’s longing to gain independence. This is seen from early on in the book and is carried on throughout. The first main example of Holden wanting to move freely with independence is when he decides he’d â€Å"get the hell out of Pency...not wait till Wednesday† when he is supposed to break up from his boarding school.

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Manage Business Document Design & Development Essay

1. Consider this scenario. You and four friends have developed a new environmentally friendly heater. You all have extensive business experience. Together, you have established a new company, Green Heaters Pty Ltd ACN 512 302 XXX, which will manufacture and sell the new heater to wholesalers. The five of you will comprise the board of directors. The board has forecasted that Green Heaters Pty Ltd will sell 650,000 heaters in the first year and will employ 100 staff. You have been given the task of designing and developing the standard documentation which will be used by Green Heaters Pty Ltd. You must present details of your plans to the board of directors. Prepare a comprehensive report to the board. Explain what you will do to manage the design and development of business documents. Explain details of the methods and processes you will use to produce high quality documents. Provide details of the types of documents which you will produce and how you will ensure that they will be suitable for requirements. Explain the methods you will use to develop standard documents including templates and macros and provide information about any assistance you will need, including details of external sources. Detail the strategies you will use to ensure employees use standard documents productively. Provide information about the proposed organisational policies and procedures which will be implemented to govern the use of standard documents as well as ensure standard documents meet any changing requirements of the organisation in the short and long term. Document Design & Development – Green Heaters Pty Ltd Having recently been charged with the task of designing and developing the business documents of Green Heaters Pty Ltd I would being the process by consulting with the board to determine the organisational requirements so that I could develop a style guide that employees tasked with document production can use to ensure that the organisation requirements are continually met. The style guide will incorporate the organisations style including; 1. Templates 2. Writing Style 3. Filenames 4. Company Logo Use 5. Hyperlinks 6. Headers & Footers 7. Text & Layout 8. Appearance. As Green Heaters Pty Ltd will continually produce high quality documents to publicise and market the environmentally friendly heaters I will investigate the types of equipment that can be purchased, this will be either via a contract or outright, depending on the best option, that can produce high quality documents on recycled paper and with the environment in mind. We would use a desktop publishing program to design and create the documents internally. There will be a number of documents that will need to be developed these will include; Letters Faxes Reports Memos Invoices Quotes Orders Statements Catalogues Emails Employment Applications These documents will need to be developed and tested to ensure that they meet  the organisations requirements. I would have the staff that are responsible for using the documents to test the documents and provide feedback on these to ensure that they are suitable. Whilst a number of documents will be designed and managed as per the style guide there will be numerous documents requiring templates or macros. Therefore due to the number of documents that will be introduced will be templates or have macros for ease of completion. As this can be quite complex I would enlist the services of an external consultant to ensure that the documentation functions as it should. After much research I believe that â€Å"Office Experts† would be the ideal firm to use for this as they have a broad range of skills and knowledge. Once the documents had been established a training program would be developed so that staff that are responsible for output are fully trained in the use of the templates and macros. There would also be very detailed instructions on how to use each template and macro to ensure that all documents are produced to Green Heaters Pty Ltd standards. As there will be a large investment in time and also money in developing the standards and templates/macros, there will be continuous reviews of the documents produced by employees to ensure that they are using the documents productively. There will also be feedback forms and focus groups to determine that the current options available to staff suit the purpose and are functioning correctly. The investment that Green Heaters Pty Ltd would need to make to ensure that the style guidelines and organisational requirements are met would include; External contractor to design develop and implement standard documents including templates and macros. External contractor to provide written instructions on how to use the templates and macros. Staff training in use of the templates and macros. Purchase or contract for equipment to complete in-house printing. To ensure that the standards of the design and development of documents are upheld, specific policies and procedures will be developed and implemented, the policies will outline why the specific formats and designs are to be used and the processes will outline, in conjunction with the style guide, the correct way to manage the development of documents. A continual review of the documents will be undertaken to ensure that changes to legislation, branding, technology and document trends are reflected in the policies, processes and style guides.

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The Communication System Project Teams Problems Of...

Abstract Communication of project teams is a vital factor in the success or demise of a project. The purpose of this paper is to summarize and analyze the article The Communication System Project Teams: Problems of Transfer Knowledge and Information for the Management of IT Projects by Dr. Jerzy Kisielnicki. The paper will provide overview of Dr. Kisielnicki study of communication of a project team, what techniques are used, the effect that the communication has on the project, and the project manager’s role in that communication. Lastly, the paper will conclude with a view of the study in if similar or different directions can provide certain results. Issues in Informing Science Information Technology Introduction, Vol.8, 2011†¦show more content†¦In network communication system, every team member communications with every other team member. (Kisielnicki, 2011) Research Information Dr. Kisielnicki’s study included 20 IT projects between 2000 and 2008. Of the 20 projects, twelve Dr. Kisielnicki participated in and project documentation provided the research for the remaining eight projects. The projects varied in size, industry, and implementation. The project teams had a minimum of 20 members that included industry personnel along with IT personnel. The project teams selected required multilevel communication so the management of the projects required interaction of multiple levels within the project team. Being 10% or less of the project’s scope, schedule, and cost determined the project’s success. (Kisielnicki, 2011) Success of the projects are by scope, schedule, and cost. These parameters set forth in determining project success measures effectively communicating. Analysis of the projects success consists of project documentation, questionnaires for project team members, and notes taken where participation in the project process was available. Analysis of the projects describe some of the tools and techniques used to connect the inputs and outputs of collection requirements. Collection requirements fall under project scope management process. Collection requirements supervises stakeholders’ needs and requirements needed to meet project objectives.